micro porous silica based thermal insulation

Welcome to Unicorn Insulations Limited. Thermal insulation is our business and we offer you the best material available on the market: Micro porous, fumed silica based thermal insulation boards.

What is so special about the micro porous, fumed silica based thermal insulation boards?

  • Simply their insulation properties! Due to their micro porous structure and the existence of opacifiers all three heat transmission effects – conduction, convection and radiation – are optimized to the physical limit under atmospheric pressure.
  • Their temperature stability. There is no other material with better insulation characteristics and which remains stable from cryogenic temperatures (below -150°C) up to temperatures of 1000°C.
  • You want better insulation properties? Take our micro porous insulation panels and use it as core material for a so called VIP. VIP stands for Vacuum Insulation Panel and enables you to push the insulation properties towards the absolute physical limit. Compared to other core materials the micro porous and fumed silica based insulation material provides much better properties in regards to long-term stability. VIPs made from other core materials such as glass fiber boards or PU foam will steadily lose their insulation capabilities as they need a much stronger vacuum which can not be kept for a long period. So on the long run – which is the important criteria for all multiple or continuous use applications like refrigerator insulation, building insulations, cool house insulations or other cool chain related products – it is mandatory to keep the good insulation properties over many years instead of only months. Use our plates and you are on the save side.
  • After usage this material is absolutely uncritical to dispose. There are simply no hazardous materials in it. The main component is SiO2 which is as well the main component of glass or sand. It is 100% environmental friendly.

RoHS Compliance

What is special about Unicorn Insulations?

  • we provide customized sizes
  • we provide customized densities
  • we are flexible in recipe adjustments if these are required
  • we have fast delivery times in Asia as we produce there

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